Hydraulic pressure intensifiers

miniBOOSTER® hydraulic pressure boosters offer a full range of dedicated solutions engineered to lower costs by turning low system pressure into high pressures ranges of 20...5000 bar.

miniBOOSTER product range covers your needs

We have a comprehensive range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers that cover 12 intensification ratios up to 5000 bar and flows up to 70 l/min using almost any media including tap water.

The range covers flanged versions and tube versions and includes a standard block with built-in valves option that dramatically reduces the need for space and piping.

Purpose-built for your application

As the technology leader for hydraulic pressure intensifer technology, we can custom-build a miniBOOSTER for your application. Years of experience have given us the deep application know-how needed to solve your most challenging high-pressure needs.

miniBOOSTER hydraulic pressure booster solutions have proven successful in a wide range of applications in industries as diverse as automotive, wind turbine, offshore, mobile and railroad.

General specifications

As shown on the chart miniBOOSTER has a dual flow/pressure feature. Initially when fluid is supplied to the booster it flows straight through to the high pressure side. At this point all the supplied flow (up to the max. allowed inlet flow) goes to the actuator allowing it to operate fast in the desired direction. As soon as inlet pressure is reached in the actuator, the flow will then be supplied via the high pressure piston until intensified pressure is reached.

Temperature range Oil: -40°C to +120°C
Temperature range Water: +3°C to +50°C
Maximum inlet flow: See performance data for each model.

Inlet pressure: Min. 20 bar (290 psi), Max. 200 Bar (2,900 psi) Note: Outlet pressure must never exceed 800 Bar (11,600 psi ), Except for the HC7, HC8 + HC9.

Filtration: 10 micron nominal; Max. 19/16 according to ISO 4406.

Advantages summarized:

- Gives high pressure whenever needed
- Expensive high pressure pumps not required
- Expense saved on tubing
- Increase expensive high pressure by simply increasing inexpensive low pressure
- Low pressure is changed into high pressure with hardly any use of energy or heat generation
- Leakages on the high pressure side compensated dynamically
- System works with labyrinthine tubing which gives a longer life
- No rotating parts
- Light weight
- Small size – big performance

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